Preparing Yourself For After The Storm

Preparing Yourself For After The Storm

The damage that comes along with a severe storm can be catastrophic. Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes in particular come along with their own telltale damages that leave home and property owners wondering what they’re going to do to get their structures back up and running again. Having a preparation plan in place for after the storm is key to making your recovery as easy as possible. While a storm recovery process is something that no family truly wants to think about, it’s something they’ll be glad they did should the worst of the disaster decide to strike. 

Keeping Safe And Knowing What To Do

Your post-storm plan should consist of keeping safe and knowing just what to do to get your home or business back in working order. Some key parts of your plan should be: 

  • Be wary of power lines – After storms that include a great deal of ice or wind, power lines might be struggling to stay secure. These might not be completely visible under debris left from fallen tree limbs or pieces of nearby homes, but that doesn’t make them any less present. When surveying your property after the storm, always be wary of potential power lines lying on the ground. 

  • Void drinking or using tap water – During flood especially, water lines can become contaminated. It’s important to completely avoid using your tap water for yourself, your pets, or washing until you’ve been given the all-clear that your water supply is safe. 

  • Drive only when necessary – Immediately following a storm, the roads are likely to be dangerous. Until roads have been cleaned up, only drive in absolute emergency situations. 

  • Have short and long-term goals – Storm cleanup isn’t a one step process, and this means crafting both short and long-term goals for restoring your property. This should include the temporary repairs you’ll need to have carried out in order to get yourself in a position to carry out the long-term permanent ones. 

  • Reconsider DIY – When a storm hits and your plate is full, you may consider DIY for some or all of your storm recovery. DIY isn’t recommended for post-storm restoration, and a professional company should be opted for instead. They’ll ensure the job is done safely and correctly. 

  • Remember it takes time – Suffering extensive damage after a storm takes a physical and emotional toll on anyone. Don’t try to rush yourself back to “normal” too quickly, as you might make rash decisions while in an emotionally heightened state. 

Fixing The Damage

When you’re looking at extensive storm damage, it’s like looking up a mountain you couldn’t dream of climbing. However, it’s possible to fully recover and restore after a storm, and it just takes the proper clear-thought preparations to do so. Taking on storm recovery yourself is a daunting and overwhelming task, which is why the professionals are in your corner to help. If you’re curious about your storm preparation plan and what you can do to recover, contact us at Disaster Response today.