Mold's Favorite Hiding Spots: The Bedroom

Mold's Favorite Hiding Spots: The Bedroom

If you have been keeping up with Disaster Response’s blog, you probably have read about how mold can slowly creep into your life through colonizing your bathroom and taking over parts of your kitchen. You probably thought those were the only places that you would have to worry about finding mold. Unfortunately, there are other areas where mold can grow including your bedroom. Yes, this nightmarish reality is real for many—or at least those who are not vigilant with their effort to rid their home of mold. There are a few places that mold can show up in your bedroom. Keep reading to learn more.

On Your Mattress

Mold can grow anywhere where there is extra moisture and, yes, that includes your mattress. Even where you lay your head down to sleep isn’t safe from mold! If you have invested in a mold-resistant mattress, then you are more than likely safe. Unfortunately, for others who haven’t, you may find mold growing on your mattress.

Window & Window Sills

Mold can also grow in your windows and window sills of your bedroom due to condensation and humidity. A leaky window can also be the culprit of a mold problem that can turn into a moldy disaster if it isn’t fixed. Drying off your window sill, having proper ventilation, and a dehumidifier can all be solutions that keep mold from creeping into your bedroom.

Air Conditioning & Heating Vents

Your duct system can be a place that makes a perfect habitat for mold. Not only does the humidity tend to gather in ducts, but if your duct system isn’t cleaned regularly, there is plenty of opportunities for mold (and other nasty pests) to congregate in your vents. Having mold-infested vents and ducts can be incredibly unhealthy due to the air circulating throughout your home with mold spores and other toxins—eventually, your mold problem won’t just be in your bedroom.

Want to Keep Mold Out of Your Bedroom & Out of Your Life?

Mold can happen to the best of us. However, if we keep up our cleaning routine and stay mindful of the humidity in our homes, there is a good chance that we will avoid a disastrous mold problem.

  • Dehumidify your home if it tends to be overly humid.
  • Clean up leaks and condensation.
  • Invest in a mold-resistant, waterproof mattress cover or pitch your old mattress and buy a mold-resistant one.
  • Clean your ducts regularly.
  • If your windows are leaking, be sure to get the leak fixed right away to prevent water damage and the opportunity for mold to grow in your windows and sills, or even worse, in your walls.

In our experience, in most cases, if a disaster such as a flood hasn’t occurred then a mold issue arises from neglect or from innocent ignorance of the warning signs that you have a mold problem. Mold must be taken care of right away to avoid harming your family and compromising your home. If you have recently had water damage due to a fire, burst pipe, or other problem, call Disaster Response right away for mold testing and mold removal. Our mold remediation specialists have the experience and skills to eradicate mold from your home for good and to even help you through the insurance claims process. We truly care about our clients in West Michigan and would love to help you kick mold out of your bedroom, out of your home, and out where it belongs. Visit our website.