Water Damage?

Water Damage?

Water is an essential component of life and we all need it to survive. It’s necessary at home and workplaces for different purposes. However, water can also be dangerous and harmful at times. If not well-regulated, it can cause a lot of damage and destruction. There are plenty of reasons as to why you would have water damage in your property. In case you have this problem, you should call the Restoration Management Company and let them fix the issue.


What are the Causes of Water Damage?


  • Drain backups – this is especially common during rainy seasons and in areas that are wet most times of the year. You’ll find that most drains can’t keep up with the force and amount of water flow being produced. The drains start getting full, and the only place the water can fill up is your basement. As a result, you get water damage, which can be quite destructive if not resolved. Therefore, you should call RMC to check if you have a sewer backup valve which prevents water backflow.


  • Cracks in your house’s foundation – there are many unique homes and people hire different constructors for house construction. Unfortunately, some constructors do a poor job by constructing weak or faulty foundations. It’s also possible that over time, structures and foundations become old and start cracking. Eventually, this leads to water damage. Note that your foundation needs a single small crack for water damage to happen through infiltration. Therefore, if you have an older house, have RMC inspect and ensure it’s well waterproofed.

  • Broken pipes – during winter temperatures go extremely low and this easily makes pipes burst. It’s a common occurrence and you might not notice the problem on time. This issue is covered by your home insurance but no one wants to have their home destroyed. In most cases, water pipes are above, so the water will travel downwards so it can actually affect many areas in your home. It’s crucial to ensure all your pipes are insulated and heated during winter.


  • Basements with high humidity – most homes are unfinished or have dirty basements. As a result, the basements tend to have higher humidity and increased moisture. Although this would cause water damage, it causes microbial growth (mold). Mold is even more damaging than water because it causes structural degradation and major health issues. Thus, if you have an unfinished basement, consider installing a vapor barrier.

lps prevent growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, which in turns prevents property damages and health hazards.