Water damage doesn’t just happen when there is a natural disaster in Grand Rapids. Water damage can occur from a leaky roof, a plumbing problem, an equipment malfunction, or unhandled humidity issues. Regardless of whether the effects of water damage occur all at once or over time, if the issue is not handled, you could be putting your building in danger and your business itself in jeopardy. If you have been the victim of water damage or think that you might have a mold problem, Disaster Relief can help.

First Steps

If you have water damage in your building, the first step is to, if possible, figure out where the water is coming from. Discovering the root of the problem may be obvious or may take some time to discover the location of the weak spot; regardless, fixing the problem first is a must before you can begin the cleanup process. Though fixing the problem and cleaning up the water yourself may seem like a business-savvy option, it can ultimately be putting a bandaid on the problem. Not only can water carry pathogens that can be extremely hazardous to your health, but also pathogens and damp building materials can bring other problems that can damage your building and put you, your employees, tenants, or customers in harm’s way.


Properly dehumidifying the area in which water damage has occurred is another necessary step towards fixing the problem. Soggy carpets, wet drywall, and damp paper-based materials make excellent breeding grounds for a variety of molds. Contacting a professional water damage restoration specialist to not only dry the affected area thoroughly, but also rid the area of pathogens and molds is incredibly important and could affect the future of your business.

Mold Testing

Have you recently had water damage or have you been wondering what that smell is? There is a good chance that, if you smell something musty and damp, you may have mold calling your building home. Whether you smell something or not after you have had a water leak or similar issue, it is best to contact a mold testing specialist to be sure that mold doesn’t have the chance to wreak havoc in your business’s building.

Mold Removal

If you have mold, you must get it removed immediately. The longer the mold has time to take root, the more damage your business’s building may suffer. Mold not only can affect the structural integrity of the structure of your building, but it can also create serious health issues for those who are regularly exposed to it.

Disaster Response & Your Business

If your Grand Rapids commercial building, your business, apartments, or other building in your care has suffered from water damage or you think you may be the victim of mold, contact Disaster Response right away! We have a 24-hour response system, because we understand that if your business is underwater, you need help right away. We offer professional water damage restoration for commercial clients in Grand Rapids. Our specialists have the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time. We can also help you in your dealings with your insurance. Contact Disaster Response for water damage restoration.

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