Whether you’ve accumulated them over a lifetime, inherited them from a beloved family member or bought them brand new just last week, your possessions have value, both sentimental and financial. And that value and should never be ignored. Often, the hardest part of dealing with a home or commercial disaster is discovering the extensive damage to your personal property. But again… no need to panic or to become distraught. With the right care, disaster restoration techniques and use of materials, your possessions can be beautifully restored while protecting its monetary value.

Is it Really Ruined?

Fire, flood, storms and mold can all have a grimace-producing effect on the contents of our home or office. Even minimal “disasters” can deface furniture, art, decor, clothing and other items, making them appear worthless and unusable. However, after many years of experience in disaster restoration, we’ve discovered the happy surprise that many objects simply require a little elbow grease and TLC.

Utilizing the appropriate cleaning procedures and equipment, we’ve helped thousands of home and business owners in the West Michigan area experience the relief that can only be experienced when irreplaceable items are beautifully restored. From carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture, to ceramic and porcelain chotchkies, and even precious antiques and vintage items, the restoration of your prized possessions fills us with a pride that is not easily understood. Though many of our clients are understandably excited about getting back their precious heirlooms, we’re pretty much just as giddy when handing them over.

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If you’ve recently gone through the experience of a fire, flood or storm and are hoping to recover more than just what the insurance company values, we want to offer our content and possession restoration services. Understanding the sentimental value, as well as the personal distress caused by the loss of such items, we work diligently to recover all we can. Filing an insurance claim? Yeah, we’re happy to help with that too. Find out more by contacting our disaster restoration team in West Michigan now.