Dehumidification & Water Damage Restoration

The Problem

There are few things worse than discovering, at 4:00 am, that the bottom of your water heater has rusted out and given through, releasing more than 50 gallons of dirty water and flooding on your newly installed wooden floor in your second story condo. Unless you happen to be the downstairs neighbor, whose ceilings, kitchen cabinets and walls are all now flooded and damp too.

Having seen this, and many other situations comparable to this in West Michigan, we’re pretty much the experts at handling the nasty, often extensive, damages that result from water-based accidents.

If taken care of improperly, water damage isn’t really taken care of at all. Any traces of moisture left behind can cause years of structural issues that can affect your safety and your health. By the way, water could care less if your building is for residential or commercial use. Water emergencies happen in office buildings, retail spaces, and industrial parks all the time. If pipes run through a building, water can run through it too—in not so preferred ways.