They said it was bad. But when you walked in the warehouse that weekend, expecting some water and damage, you didn’t expect anything like this. Years of important client files, photographs, microfilm and white prints—all a soggy, ashy, sooty mess. How will you ever recover the needed information and documentation? Is it even possible?

What Now?

Fortunately, thanks to advances in property restoration and document and media recovery, many damaged papers and records of all types can now be repaired and saved from the landfill. Working quickly, yet meticulously, we can recover the following documents:

  • Files and manuscripts
  • Books and magazines
  • Library materials
  • Blueprints, maps and white prints
  • Compact and laser discs, diskettes
  • Data and medical records
  • Negatives, film, photographs, slides
  • Magnetic media
  • Microfiche, microfilm
  • Parchment and vellum
  • X-rays

No need to go too deep into the technical process, but the use of vacuum-freeze dryers, desiccant drying and molecular sieves, as well as radiation treatments and ionized air washing, all allow us to restore a variety of important, valuable documents to near-original condition. Whether damaged by fire, smoke, soot, acid, water, mold or mildew, your documents can be recovered.

Recognizing the monetary value of all your important documents, we’ll even help advocate for you with your insurance company, providing line-item claims that include the costs of restoring media.

Contact Us Now

Though we’ve restored the integrity of documents years after a damaging event, it is important to contact us right away if you have records, files and photographs that have been damaged by any of the aforementioned elements. Time does affect the process and results, so don’t waste another minute getting in touch with our document and media recovery specialists. We promise prompt, courteous, professional service to our clients in West Michigan that is sure to satisfy.