Today, our electronics are a major part of our lives. They are not only how we keep in contact with our friends and loved ones, but they also are how we capture and save our memories, file paperwork, and are a source of entertainment. Though electronics have significantly decreased in price, if disaster strikes, the loss of our electronics can significantly impact not only our lives, but our pocketbooks as well.

Electronics Restoration?

Like a lot of personal property, electronics are more salvageable after a flood, fire, or similar event than you think. If you’ve recently come home to a basement full of water or a leaky ceiling, don’t panic, and don’t turn anything on! All’s not lost, and there is a electronics restoration company that can, in many cases, help you recover from your personal electronics and get them working once again.

How We Can Help

Though there are times that electronics are past saving, with the right skill, tools, time, and expertise you can, at the very least, recover the data from your electronics. Our disaster restoration specialists are highly trained, experienced, and know how to protect your computer and other electronics from further damage. We understand the monetary value of electronics, as well as the sentimental value of the data that those electronics may have and, as we fix your electronics, keep your needs in mind. We will do our very best to get your electronics up and running once again.

Disaster Response

Disaster Response is a restoration company that can help you through the entire restoration process after your Grand Rapids home has been hit with a disaster. We provide all the necessary services to help you and your family get back on their feet and to have a house that feels like home once again. We offer fire and water damage restoration, as well as restoration services that can not only salvage your personal items such as clothing, upholstered furniture, and antiques, but also restore them to like-new condition. Restoration services we offer to residents in Grand Rapids include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Emergency response
  • Mold removal & testing
  • Soot removal
  • Consulting services
  • And more

In addition to these services, our restoration company believes in being your advocate throughout your home’s restoration process. We can assist you through the entire insurance and claims process and help you get what you deserve.

Contact Us!

Disaster Response is here for you, whether you’ve been through a big or little disaster; nothing is too big or small for us to handle. We have a 24-hour disaster response team who is here for you, because we understand that in many cases, to avoid further damage, restoration and repair must begin immediately. To learn more about our electronics restoration services or any of our other services we offer to Grand Rapids, visit our website and contact us.

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