It’s Monday morning and your job as building or office manager in West Michigan  just got a whole lot tougher. Over the weekend, the sprinklers on the floor above went off and sent cascades of water downwards, soaking everything from your carpets to your walls, including all those expensive computers and electronics that your business is undeniably dependent on.


First step: don’t power up a darn thing. Second step: Call us. We’ll take over from there.

What Now?

Chances are, your particular workplace disaster is not as extensive as the one we outlined above, either way, we’ve got it handled. Working systematically, our expert electronic restoration services can recover data and restore electronics, getting them back up and running quickly and affordably; letting you get back to the business of doing business. Utilizing technological restoration innovations and more than a little bit of TLC, our highly-trained and extensively skilled restoration experts understand the necessary steps and processes needed to protect the value of your computers and other electronics.

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Coupling our water and fire restoration services with content and electronics recovery and restoration services, we strive for complete rehabilitation after any structural disaster such as floods, storms and fire. By advocating for you with your insurance company, helping to complete claim filings and paperwork, and facilitating repair work, we go beyond what you would normally expect an emergency restoration company to do in West Michigan or anywhere.

Find out just how much we can do for you by contacting our electronic restoration services team today.