There are some emergencies that give ample warning before, but are unstoppable, such as a tornado or a flash flood. However, there are disasters, such as a house fire, that can strike without warning. It’s easy to beat oneself up when you feel you could have prevented the disaster or to simply feel frustrated that destruction hit your home. No matter what you are feeling or whatever your situation is, Disaster Response is here to help you pick up the pieces as soon as possible.

Our Emergency Response Services

As a restoration company, we take great pride in helping residents in Grand Rapids rebuild after disaster strikes. In all that we do, we focus on you. We truly want to help you recover. For us, it isn’t about the bottom line, profit, or yearly projections of Disaster Response. It is about you and providing expert-level disaster response and restoration services. We exceed all standards and certifications because we want to give you the best service possible. Our restoration company offers these emergency response services:

Fire Damage Restoration

We have a 24-hour response team for a reason; we understand that disaster can strike at any time. If a room or your entire home in your Grand Rapids was affected by a fire, you must begin cleanup right away. Even letting your home sit for a few hours can make a huge difference in the amount of damage a fire creates, because the flames aren’t the only destructive force of a fire. Smoke and soot are acidic and can be incredibly corrosive and so, the longer the aftermath of a fire has time to sit, the more irreparable damage you will have. We can help you through the entire fire damage restoration process to get your home back to normal and you back on your feet again. Our services can include:

  • Removal
  • Cleanup
  • Odor Counteractant
  • Sealant

Flood/Water Damage Restoration

Water can seem rather harmless, but in great amounts and allowed to accumulate in the wrong areas, it can cause extreme damage to your home. Not only can water ruin personal property and the structure of your home, but also harmful molds will, as a result of water, have the opportunity to take root in your home. Mold can compromise the structural integrity of your home and create serious health hazards for you and your family. Our water damage restoration services include:

  • Dehumidification
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Removal/Remediation

As a full-service restoration company, we can help you through the entire process of recovery. If you have a question about the services we can provide, simply contact us.

About Us

Disaster Response is here for you in whatever emergency you are facing. In all that we do, we wish to aid you through the quality of our work and give you peace of mind knowing you, your family, and your home is in good hands. We take a consultative approach to each request: not only will we get the job done right, but we will advocate for you in your dealings with the insurance company. Our promise to you is to provide:

  • Hassle-Free Experience
  • Priority Response
  • Satisfaction
  • Peace of Mind

Contact us now to request our help and visit our website to learn more about how our emergency response team can help you!

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