“So, What Now?”

As your experts in damage restoration, we’re here to answer that crucial question.

After experiencing structural damage after a flood, storm or fire, many home and business owners are left unsure of what to do next. Truly understanding the anxiety, concerns and stress that extend far beyond simple property damage, our emergency response team is committed to helping you fully recover from an emergency situation.

From the moment you have the chance to assess the damage, we’ll be there. Handling your water and smoke removal with expert skill, we’ll provide a transparent assessment of the damage and what you can expect. But we don’t stop there.

With the owner of Disaster Response being personally involved in your project, we promise client care in West Michigan that exceeds expectations.

Residential Emergency Flood and Fire Response

Regardless of the time of day, our emergency response team be there, promptly responding to water and smoke damage calls with attentive care and knowledgeable expertise.

What makes us different than your average restoration company is what comes next. Offering additional help by advocating for you with your insurance company and providing personal consultative services that are designed to help you through this confusing period, we work to alleviate the stress that comes after the water has dried and the smoke has cleared.

Commercial Emergency Restoration Services

The fire sprinklers went off on the 12th floor last night and flooded every floor down to the 7th. Fantastic. Though it would be easy to call any restoration company, what you don’t know could actually harm you and your future business.

By not only cleaning up the mess and actually helping with disaster preparation consultations, we help you fully recover from any emergency that affects your industrial or office space. Presenting detailed, line item reports to your insurance provider, we help to ensure quick and full compensation for your damages.

We understand if you’ve got questions. Emergency response, restoration, and damage recovery are rarely ever easy. But it is our goal to alleviate personal stress by getting things back on the track to normal. By helping to complete claims and paperwork, we go beyond what you would normally expect an emergency restoration company in West Michigan to do.

Call us now for a swift and effective response.