You thought you had been pretty conscientious about the environmental safety of your office and warehouse—rigorously maintaining waste disposal standards, keeping mechanical systems up to date, even exceeding OSHA requirements. But one mishap with a malfunctioning forklift and you’ve got a hazardous materials spill that exceeds your expertise. Perfect.

This Spill Stinks (in More Than One Way) What Now?

Offering emergency response 24 hours a day, our environmental services division is ready and equipped to safely and effectively stabilize and clean up any hazardous spill at your business in West Michigan. Understanding the proper procedures, and implementing each step with meticulous care, we strive to protect the health and safety of you and your employees while getting your business back to running at full speed. With quick response and proper processes, what could have been a news-making disaster can be diminished to just an annoying hiccup in your production

What Other Environmental Services Does Disaster Response Provide?

Thanks for asking. As Western Michigan’s most recognized and respected disaster prevention and recovery company, we help business’ avoid potential hazards by providing comprehensive environmental service consultations regarding workplace hazards. Eliminating risks and reducing the possibilities of extensive damage from fire or flood, we work as your partner in identifying areas of improvement. Testing for lead, mold and contaminants, our team provides clear, transparent data on the health risk factors inherent in and around your facility or office. We’ll then get rid of that mess for you. Using industry-approved abatement techniques and equipment, we remove all traces of environmentally hazardous materials, letting you and your employees enjoy the confidence of knowing their workplace is as safe as it can be.

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Have an inkling that there may be an issue with your facility’s structural elements in West Michigan? Is there a leak, odd smell or other concern that has you wrinkling that brow? Call or emergency response and environmental services for a full assessment and/or cleanup. We promise our full, expert attention and stellar service in all that we do.