Sure, it was manufactured with industrial-grade steel, but fire damage, rust and corrosion can still minimize or halt its functions. With so many integral moving parts, it only makes sense that, after so many years of use (or non-use), neglect or damage caused by fire or flood, that the gears just stop grinding. Getting your machinery and equipment back to optimal production is obviously important to the success of your business in the West Michigan area.

Nothing Happens At Startup. What Now?

From damage assessment and troubleshooting to decontamination and reassembly and installation, our equipment repair and restoration service specialists offer step-by-step mechanical services that are meant to ensure quick recovery and rehabilitation of damaged machinery.

Striving for complete rehabilitation of each gear, component, fastener, belt and bearing, our specialists decontaminate, rebuild and debug your most important facility machines. Simply put, we shine ‘em up all nice-like and get ‘em back to working. There is little we can’t do in this regard and look forward to putting our expertise to work for you. Oh, and those pesky insurance adjusters? We’ll help out by showing just how to deal with them, assisting with claims and paperwork and advocating for your compensation wherever possible.

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If time is money, we don’t have any to waste when it comes to downed equipment. Contact our restoration services in West Michigan now for a comprehensive damage and repair assessment today. We promise prompt, courteous service with a smile.