Have you recently been the victim of a fire? Did you accidentally forget to turn off the stove or a pet knocked over your favorite candle? Know that everything is going to be okay, no matter if your Grand Rapids home suffered damage in just one room or your entire home is affected. Disaster Relief offers fire damage restoration services that will not only repair the damage, but will also give you peace of mind.

What’s Next?

After being the victim of a fire, it’s hard to know what to do next. It can be overwhelming, to say the least to start the recovery process. In most cases, the next step after the flames are out is to begin removing all loose property items such as clothes, small appliances, paper products and others that are beyond repair. Removing such items will lessen the fire damage and smoke damage of your home. The longer items are allowed to sit without being attended to, the more damage is allowed to occur. Like mold damage, the longer soot and smoke are allowed to sit uninhibited by the restoration process, the worst the damage; in some cases, items that could have been saved become permanently damaged.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

The fire damage restoration process for each home affected by a fire will differ. The damage that a fire inflicts is dependent on a variety of factors including the kind of fire, the temperature of the fire, structural and decorative elements in the room, and types of items burned. Here are the general steps that will be taken to restore your home:

Removal of Burned Property

No matter the damage or type of fire that you encountered, as mentioned earlier, the process will begin with the removal of all burned items that are irreparable.

Cleaning & Removal of Structural Items

Next, it’s time to begin cleaning and removing unsalvageable parts of your home, such as framing, drywall, tile, granite and formica, carpet, laminate, and insulation.

Odor Counteractant

If a home is not properly rid of all odors, the odors of the fire will continue to permeate your home for years to come, and will become even more evident during the warmer months of the year; as wood and other similar products warm, their pores open, and release the remaining smoke odor.

Sealant & Repair

Next, in most cases, is to apply a sealant to keep all remaining smoke and odors from escaping. Finally, the next step is to begin the repair process.

Disaster Response & You

We want you to know that if you have just experienced a fire that you are not alone. We at Disaster Response truly care about our clients in Grand Rapids and want to help you pick up the pieces as you recover from a fire. For this reason, we offer 24-hour response to your fire damage restoration enquires and with all that the restoration process entails; we can also help you work with the insurance company to get what you need and deserve to restore and rebuild. To read more about fire damage restoration and the services we provide visit our website and contact us today!

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