Recent Fire?

First, take a deep breath. If you and everyone you know is safe and unharmed, things aren’t as bad as they appear. Now, call us. Restoring homes and businesses after a fire is our business and we understand what you’re going through.

The Flames Are Out…What Now?

That being said, in order to put everything back in the “all-is-right-in-the-world” column again, you’re going to have to be fairly discerning about which company in West Michigan you choose to perform the needed fire restoration tasks. Unlike other structural disasters, fire restoration and smoke damage repair includes dealing with a variety of damaging elements.

First, you’ve got the actual flames. Torching building elements, fire causes extensive damage, making the safe removal of ravaged materials imperative to rebuilding.

Then, there’s the smoke and soot. Permeating into nooks and crannies you were probably not even aware of, the residue and discoloration left behind after a fire require the work of smoke damage specialists who are trained to do so safely and effectively. And it stinks; and yes, we mean that literally. Ever sit next to an open campfire? Now imagine that smell lingering in every room, closet and corner of your home. Not cool. With our fire restoration specialists, you’ll enjoy a lifetime guarantee that the stench of smoke will never return. Ask our techs all about that process – they love showing off their skills.

Finally, and often overlooked, is the water damage caused by putting out the fire. Take it from us, sodden ashes are never fun to clean up, and they require the skills of a professional in order to avoid any future, unexpected problems.

Contact Us Now

Here to work through the restoration process with you, we not only perform the necessary cleanup and removal of debris and water, we provide the assistance that moves you past your recent event. Helping you with insurance claims, handling delays, following up to prevent secondary problems and utilizing our vast network of industry connections, we work to alleviate the stress and personal confusion that is inherent after a fire.

For service that is designed to exceed your every expectation, call Disaster Response in West Michigan today.