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What Could Go Wrong With Your Property Claim?
More Than You Think!

It is an unfortunate reality that insurance company settlement offers can be much less than the damages
are really worth. How can that be? Some examples:


–Not all damages are included in the estimates
–Damages are not priced properly
–Too much depreciation is taken
–Things are repaired that should be replaced

Contents/Personal Property:

–Inventory is incomplete or misallocated
–Inventory is priced improperly
–Too much depreciation is taken

Additional Living Expense:

–Inaccurate Time Period Duration
–Key information is left out of the calculations
–Expenses are not tracked properly


–“Loopholes” in the policy that benefit the insurance
–Hidden coverages you don’t know to ask for
–Document submission deadlines are missed

What Goes Right When You Hire Globe Midwest?

“Globe Midwest guided us through what, at the time, seemed like a never-ending nightmare. We weren’t able to think
clearly and thank goodness for Globe Midwest, we didn’t have to. We don’t look back at this time and think, “we should
have done this or that,” because we know all bases were covered by Globe Midwest.”

– Wilder Lynch

“Your adjuster turned the original offer of $259,000 into a final settlement of $610,000! I am not sure how you found
me, but I am truly grateful!”

– David Morrison

“On December 5, 2011 at 7:30AM our home had an electrical fire that changed/challenged our lives. I immediately began
the pursuit of making the best first decisions in response to this fire and determining how to proceed. Seeking the advice
of others whom had had this experience is where I started. I immediately found 12 friends within my professional
business circle and amazingly 11 of the 12 said you have to hire a public adjuster firm and 10 of those 11 said you have
to hire Globe Midwest.”

– Gordie and Julie Kosch, CEO Kosch Hospitality

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