Disaster, despite our best efforts, can strike at anytime. A burst pipe, a candle left unattended, or even a heavy rainstorm can leave your home lightly damaged or in need of severe repairs. If you have a home in Grand Rapids, we at Disaster Response are sure that you’ve already thought about the possibility of damage and the cost of water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and other similar services. However, there can be one obstacle to getting your home fixed up like new and that is the insurance company.

Your High Net Worth Property & Insurance

In most cases, insurance companies are truly a blessing. You pay monthly premiums and when damage to your home does occur, you can rely on the insurance to come through with the money you’ve invested to cover the costs of repairs. However, for many residents in Grand Rapids with high net worth homes, despite their best efforts, they still end up with more costs and less money given to them by the insurance company, hardly covering any of the cost of repair and restoration.

What is Your True Loss?

If you have a high net worth home and property, chances are that you’ve invested quite a lot into your home. Perhaps it is a historical home that you’ve renovated to have light fixtures common of the time—light fixtures that are one-of-a kinds and cost a pretty penny. Or maybe your home still has the original woodwork that would cost quite a bit to replace and have matching flooring installed. Whatever it is, if your home has historical or one-of-a-kind pieces in it you deserve to be paid enough for them.

The Issue & How We Can Help

Unfortunately, in many cases the insurance company is either unaware of your home’s true value or is unwilling for whatever reason to cover the cost of water damage restoration or other service needed to get your home repaired and like new once again. That is where we come into help. We don’t just help you repair the damage, pack up, and leave. We truly want to help you pick up the pieces after a disaster and sometimes that means helping you with the insurance process.

Work With Our Claims Adjustors

Our disaster teams are equipped with claims adjustors that can are acquainted with the value that should be placed on high net worth homes and truly make it our mission to help you get what you deserve from your insurance provider and understand the entire process—and the hoops that you sometimes have to jump through—to get the money you need to cover repair and restoration costs. We are incredibly familiar with the insurance claims system and make it our mission to help. You have enough stress and anxiety to deal with when repairing your home, why should you have extra stress?

To learn more about how we can help you restore your high-net worth home, visit our website. Also, learn more about our Watch Dog Program that helps homeowners through the insurance process.

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