What Does a Restoration Company Provide For Holland?

What do you do when your basement floods or an overturned candle ignites your living room? You call a restoration company like Disaster Response! A disaster response company provides the services that you need to not only pick up the pieces, but to do so in the most effective way possible. When your basement floods, you can’t just sop up the mess with some towels, you need industrial-grade equipment and the expertise to know which aspects of your home are unaffected and those that need to be replaced.

Why Not DIY?

If you just experienced a disaster, you might be thinking that you could clean up your home by yourself. We get it. If you are the type that has been fixing things around your house for years or you are the homeowner that likes to figure things out by yourself, we understand why you would want to fix things yourself. However, don’t! Here’s why:

You Don’t Have the Equipment

What you need to fix your home can’t be found in your garage or tool shed, and they don’t carry it at your local Holland home improvement store. The equipment that you need can include industrial size fans, professional protective gear, industrial grade chemicals and cleaners, etcetera. Unfortunately, this time you can’t DIY this large scale maintenance issue because you simply don’t have access to the proper equipment or the training to operate it.  

You Don’t Have the Experience

You also don’t have the experience. The very basics of the restoration processes can be easy to understand. However, even though you might have a basic working knowledge, it’s something different entirely when you have to apply that knowledge. Also, a lack of experience can easily lead to dangerous situations and injury. Experience is irreplaceable.


You Don’t Have the Time

When disaster strikes, you have to get to work right away. Putting off the process will only make things worst. If your home was affected by the flames of a fire, the longer you wait, the worst the damage. The concept applies to water damage as well. Even if you can get started on the process, you must continue to act quickly and complete the process as fast (and effectively) as possible. When disaster strikes, the rest of your life doesn’t slow down. You still need to show up for work. You still need to take care of the kids, and you still need to take care of yourself. We have all the time and care your situation needs to get your life back to normal.

You Will Save Money in the Long-Run

We understand that there is more than money to consider when you want to DIY the clean up process. If you take great pride in your home, we get why you want to fix it yourself. However, in most cases, money is the main factor that makes most people decide to DIY: they think that paying someone will cost too much. However, in the long run, if disaster response is done incorrectly, then you will have to pay someone to redo it. If you miss something, you may have a greater problem on your hands five to ten years later — or sooner. And so, whenever you DIY a restoration, you will not only not know how much your current disaster will cost you, but you won’t know if the restoration was done correctly. When you call us, we will give you a realistic quote and we guarantee our work every time.

You Will Have Peace of Mind

When you call Disaster Response, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job was done correctly, that problems won’t come to haunt you years later, and that your home is truly back to normal. Having peace of mind is something that can’t be bought and is extremely valuable, especially after a disaster. When you call Holland’s top-rated restoration company, you can rest assured that they have everything to get the job done right the first time: equipment, experience, professional knowledge, and time.

When disaster strikes, don’t wait, call the professionals right away!

Why Call Our Restoration Company?

When disaster strikes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. There a million things to take care of — and that doesn’t include trying to pick the right restoration company. How do you know who to choose? Disaster Response isn’t a national chain. We are a local company that has been serving Holland and the West Michigan area for years. We have everything that the big nationwide companies have, and we possess at least one thing that they don’t: a sense of local pride in being able to help neighbors in need. Call us!

What Are They Saying About Us?

It’s one thing for us to make claims about ourselves. However, it’s another thing entirely when it comes to what our clients are saying about us. Read reviews from past and present clients and if you have a specific question about what Disaster Response can offer you, contact us.