Thinking about moving into that retail space in West Michigan that is listed at a head-shakingly low cost but not sure about the structural nightmares that could be awaiting you? We get it. There’s gotta be some explanation why it’s priced so far below market value. Whether you live in a humid climate or not, you may want to consider the possibility of mold.

The Low-Down on Mold and What it Actually is

Creating an “ick” factor for both home and business owners, mold is much more than just ugly. Often causing respiratory problems and a variety of widespread symptoms, exposure to toxic mold is a serious health and safety risk that requires immediate attention.

The seemingly dirty truth is that mold and the bacteria that creates it is everywhere we turn. Though we certainly don’t like to come across the evidence of it, nor do we ever want it growing within our walls and other building elements, there is an environmental need for the positive growth of certain molds and mildews. That being said, certain types can cause respiratory problems and sickness in people who are sensitive to the living spores of mold. It is also known to cause extensive structural damage when left unchecked.

Bolstered by the presence of moisture and the lack of light, mold spores actually feed on the organic material that make up drywall, paper and wood. These grubby little simple organisms love dark, dank areas and can thrive in most indoor environments that boast temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You know, like most rooms in your house.

That being said, there is no need to panic at the sight of a few ugly spores. Though there may be some signs that an issue exists, not all mold types are toxic. Protecting you, your associates, guests, or family starts with a thorough testing for the presence of toxic mold. Responding to your concerns with urgency, our mold testing experts quickly and thoroughly examine your property for toxic mold, lab testing what we find and promptly producing reliable results.

Ewww, MOLD – Now What?

First and foremost, all is not lost. That coveted retail space (or possible dream home) can still be an awesome investment. We just have to get to work. Utilizing today’s most effective mold mitigation practices and innovative solvents, we work to completely remove all traces of mold. Going one step further, we’ll find the source of the moisture that caused the issue in the first place and repair the problem, if possible. If the mold removal job requires expertise beyond our understanding, we’ve got a reliable network of industry professionals that are ready to help, allowing you the confidence of knowing that the problem has been resolved and future mold problems are no longer a concern.

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Do we mitigate any kind of mold? Though some mold populations can be more extensive than any mold remediation company can handle, requiring complete demolition of building elements, there aren’t any types of mold that we’ve come across that we haven’t been able to overcome.

Contact us now for a full examination of your West Michigan property and molding testing and we’ll develop a sensible, yet aggressive plan of attack. We’ll even go one step further and help you get through the whole nitty-gritty of insurance claim filings. Call us for all your mold remediation needs!

Seriously, don’t wait. That nasty junk is growing as we speak.