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Disasters Are Difficult

Finding solutions doesn't have to be

At Disaster Response, we have the solution to all of your post-disaster problems. Promising the fastest disaster response times in the local industry of West Michigan, we’ll be there before the water stops dripping or the smoke has a chance to fully clear. So stop staring at the mess and let us get the cleanup started. Don’t hesitate, call the experts at Disaster Response now.

Even an extensive water disaster or flood doesn’t have to mean irreparable damage. Using the most effective equipment and cutting-edge techniques, our expert crews will remove every last trace of moisture. Our efforts are designed to eliminate any hidden issues that may rear their ugly heads either months or years down the road. Call us for dehumidification!

Seeking out and destroying mold spores is our game. Ugly, damaging and possibly toxic, mold populations of any type should be tackled and removed as soon as humanly possible. Using state-of-the-art mold remediation materials and techniques, we’ll make sure that you are the victor in the fight against disgusting mold in your West Michigan-area home or business.

Even if you’ve just watched one small room of your home or office literally go up in flames, all is not lost. Specializing in fire restoration, we’re at the ready; equipped and prepared to restore your space before the smoke even fully clears. From the removal of fire-damaged structural elements to soot and smoke cleanup and water damage restoration, we’ve got the goods to handle it all.


Find Your Peace Of Mind

Your equipment and machinery is arguably the backbone of your business. When it becomes affected by an event or disaster, the quick response may be to trash and replace it. Now hold on, that thinking is not what is going to get you quickly (and affordably) back up and running. As specialists in corrosion control, we safely and effectively remove the gunk, debris and corrosive materials that hinder performance and affect your bottom line.

Yes, it’s a mess. A big, sodden, muddy or sooty mess that makes you just want to take a bulldozer to the place. But, again, that would be the type of overkill that costs you and your business more than it would save. Restoring those vital documents and records, both paper and digital, our document and media recovery team will sweep in and handle the mess quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to the business of doing business.

Gears stop grindin’? Wheels stop turnin”? Production coming to a dollar-wasting halt? Our equipment restoration crew loves to show their prowess by rehabilitating even the most ruggedly intimidating industrial equipment. Whether you’ve recently experienced a work site flood or fire, or have neglected the maintenance of your machinery, we can restore it to its beastly best. Call us today!

Understandably, cleaning up waste is probably the least favorite task of any home or business owner. Whether you’ve got mysterious gunk leaking out of ancient storage drums or noticed a dizzyingly nauseating smell coming from the warehouse back bathroom, it’s imperative that you don’t try to clean up the offensive mess yourself. Offering emergency environmental service, 24 hours a day, we’ll handle the waste with care and efficiency.

What’s worse? Cleaning up after a disastrous event or dealing with the insurance company? We’re with you. It often seems easier to handle whatever a fire throws at you then jumping through the claims hoops imposed by an adjuster. With our help, you'll clear those hoops with ease.

Get all the nitty-gritty details on what to expect and learn how to protect yourself and your bottom line here. As your friendly, neighborhood fire and water restoration company in West Michigan, it is our pride and pleasure to assist you with each step of the claims process. Contact us today!

As your partners in disaster response and recovery, we help you navigate through the process and act as your advocate in order to experience full satisfaction. From the first swabbing up of water until the last insurance check is received, we only want to help you get back on your feet.

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