Eliminate Disaster Triggers Before They Wreak Havoc.

After working with hundreds of businesses and facility managers in the West Michigan-area like you, we’ve found that most don’t have time to worry about all the little pesky touch-ups and fix-ups a handyman can easily take care of.

We know the headaches you face when it comes to training and management of on-staff maintenance personnel, not to mention all of the insurance and paperwork headaches that comes with having full-time employees!

That’s why we’ve introduced our Professional Handyman Services. 

In our experience, we’ve found that the number two complaint that businesses with tenants and occupants receive (only second to lack of communication) relates to little pesky issues that a handyman can easily resolve.

You’ve probably heard them yourself. Things like:

  • “My wall needs some touch-up paint”
  • “This door is really squeaky”
  • “These windows are dirty”
  • “Can you fix that broken ceiling tile?”
  • “How long until you fix my….”

How nice would it be to never worry about those questions again?

Our new Professional Handyman Service for the West Michigan area offers your business reliable and accountable repair and touch-ups when and where you need them. All you need to do is contact your Disaster Response representative or click the button below and we’ll take care of the issue.