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For a moment, imagine if a disaster happened to your home in Walker or the Grand Rapids area: your hot water heater has cracked and flooded your basement, or a candle was knocked over and started a minor fire. After the water has been drained or fire has been put out and the smoke is cleared, what do you do next? It’s easy to hope that nothing happens to your home (and we would hope it never does). However, you must have a plan in place to have the best chances at quick, affordable, and effective recovery.

Are You


If you think about the above scenario, you may be assuming it will never happen to you. Your family isn’t prone to disaster, and if something would happen, the insurance would cover it, right? However, do you know for sure that you’re covered? Do you have enough coverage?

Isn’t it better to know you are prepared than hope that you are?

To know you are prepared, you need a plan.


What Is A

Disaster Response Plan?

A Disaster Response Plan (DRP) is a plan that you put in place before disaster strikes that takes into consideration:

What to do when disaster strikes for the fastest, most affordable recovery


Who to call to your aid when you need restoration services

How your insurance will cover the costs of lost items and damages

To put it simply, a DRP is a plan that you develop beforehand to allow for the best outcome when disaster strikes.

The longer a home is allowed to sit post-disaster, the greater the amount of damage.

This is why moving as quickly as possible to start the restoration process is essential.

A DRP allows you to move as quickly as possible!


Why Do You Need


What Is A

Disaster Response Plan?

Step one is always knowing that you need something. Step two is taking the next step to create a plan, and step three is implementing it.

Disaster Response is a Walker-based restoration company that has been serving the Grand Rapids area and beyond for over 30 years. We have helped clients throughout the years not only recover from a disaster, but also successfully navigate the insurance claims process.

Being first hand witnesses to water damage repair and fire damage restoration, has given us keen insight into how the recovery process might have gone a little smoother if the homeowners would have had a plan in place.

Disaster Response Can Help You

Create a Plan

If you are ready to create a viable plan, it’s time to contact Disaster Response. Our DRP experts at our fire and water damage restoration company can help you devise a plan that can allow you to better protect your home and family when disaster strikes. We offer assistance to:

Devise a personalized response plan


Make sure you have the insurance coverage that you need

You have questions. We have answers.

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Our E-Book

We wrote Disaster Response Plan: How to Effectively Prepare For a Disaster Even If You Have No Idea Where to Start

a comprehensive guide that explains why you need a DRP and how to create one. Developing a DRP isn’t just for your home. Your business needs a plan, too.


Want To

Learn More?

Want to learn more about the restoration process, how to avoid a disaster, and occasionally, some interesting history? Read the Disaster Response blog! We post regularly about topics that can help you be more prepared, avoid damage to your home, and know what to do when disaster strikes. Read recent blog posts below or search our archives! 

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