Part of fire damage restoration is soot removal. Soot and residual smoke can actually create more damage than the fire itself. Soot and smoke are extremely acidic and if left alone, can cause additional and permanent damage that could have been fixed. And if we are being honest, soot is gross. Why not get it removed right away?

Our Soot Removal Specialists

Our fire damage restoration specialists are trained to remove soot from interior spaces and structural elements of your home. Whether you have a small accidental fire that leaves very little damage and a small soot stain or most of your room is enveloped, we can help you get your home back to normal. We can not only help you move on from a fire through our soot and smoke removal services, but also we can help you deal with the insurance claims through follow up inspections, filing detailed reports, and line-item claims. We are the fire damage restoration company that really is here for you.

Fire Damage Restoration

No matter what the event, Disaster Response is here to help you get your Grand Rapids home put back together. No matter if an entire room has gone up in flames or you simply have the soot stains from a dinner gone wrong, our smoke removal and fire damage restoration specialists can help. To learn more about our soot removal services, visit our website and contact us!

About Disaster Response

Disaster Response is a restoration company in West Michigan that is here to help all Grand Rapids residents pick up the pieces after a disaster. We offer water damage restoration, mold testing, mold removal, and other restoration services in addition to our fire damage repair services. We also offer consulting services and can help you through the entire insurance claims process. We are a restoration company that truly cares about our clients and put you first in all that we do. To learn more about our services, visit our website!

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