1. Water Damage Caused by A Fire

    The holiday season is in full swing here in West Michigan. We at Disaster Response love the holiday season and know that most of you do, too. However, we also know that the holiday season brings with it it’s share of hazards that can cause not only fires, but also water damage. Yes! Fires are often the source of water damage. But how? Today, we are going to talk a little bit about the water dama…Read More

  2. 5 Causes of Water Damage – Part 2

    Hello, and welcome back to the blog of Disaster Response! Lately, we’ve been covering the topic of water damage and the restoration that often follows, because winter is usually the time that we at Disaster Response get the most requests for water damage restoration. In part one, we covered the first three causes of water damage including frozen, old pipes and old water supply lines, as well as …Read More

  3. 5 Causes of Water Damage

    Lately, we’ve been discussing water damage that can occur in Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area and the subsequent water damage restoration that follows. Though, to some, it may be counterintuitive, fall and winter are the times of year during which the most water damage occurs. We at Disaster Response can attest to getting more calls requesting our help during this time. Read on to learn m…Read More

  4. The Process of Water Damage Restoration – Part 2

    In our last several blogs, we’ve been talking about the predicament that winter brings: burst pipes. Check out our last several blogs to learn more about avoiding this issue and what to do when it does happen. In our last blog post, we went into greater detail to tell you about the water damage restoration process and what happens during the cleaning process. Read part one to learn about the beg…Read More

  5. The Process of Water Damage Restoration

    In our last several blogs, we have been covering topics related to water damage restoration because winter is coming to Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area. And, with winter comes the heightened risk for the pipes of your home’s or business's plumbing system to freeze and, in most case subsequently burst, leaving you with a water mess to clean up. In one of our blogs, we talked about how to …Read More

  6. “My Pipes Burst!”

    Welcome back to our blog! In our last blog post, we talked about how to prevent burst pipes because as winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop, there is a high likelihood that if your pipes aren’t protected and warm, that they will burst causing extensive damage to your home, personal property, and will leave your family susceptible to the effects of harmful molds if you do not get your…Read More

  7. 8 Tips for Preventing Burst Pipes

    Maybe you’ve been there: you’ve been away visiting the folks for the holidays or were simply gone at work and you come home to split pipes and the water damage that follows. We are sure, if you’ve been there, you know the nightmare of the cleanup process. Not only do you have to invest in water damage restoration services, but you also need to invest in mold testing and possible mold removal…Read More

  8. 10 Common Causes of House Fires – Part 2

    In most cases, house fires are accidents that in many cases, not all, could have been avoided. Unfortunately, due to the nature of life, accidents do happen despite our best efforts. We at Disaster Response want to help you avoid a house fire as much as possible, but are here for you if you should need fire damage restoration services in West Michigan. Today, we are continuing last week’s short …Read More

  9. 10 Common Causes of House Fires

    In our last few blogs, we’ve been focusing on house fires and what you need to know about the restoration process. Today we are taking a quick break to talk about how to prevent a house fire. As a professionally experienced fire damage restoration company in West Michigan, we are here for you when disaster strikes, but really we don’t want you to have to go through the experience of losing you…Read More

  10. 4 Types of House Fires

    In today’s blog, we are going to take a quick break from talking about the restoration process and to talk about fire. Not all fires are created equal. Fires not only start from a variety of means, but they can also burn differently, at various temperatures, and can create varied degrees of damage. As we discussed in a previous blog, there is more to a fire and the damage that it causes than a f…Read More