A fire can feel like a hard blow to a business and, as a business owner we are sure that trying to continue business as usual—if that is possible—and pick up the pieces is a tall order. No matter if only a part of your business has suffered fire or smoke damage or if your entire restaurant’s kitchen went up in flames, Disaster Relief is here to help you restore your business in Grand Rapids.

What’s Next?

Knowing what the next step is when you’ve had a fire can feel like an overwhelming task and that is completely normal. The fire damage restoration process can vary depending on the type of fire and the duration of time after the fire that you waited to start the cleanup process; it is not just the actual flames that do most of the damage. Soot and smoke are extremely acidic and if left alone, can permanently damage property that could have been salvaged and restored if they had received more immediate care. Also, some of the damage that a fire inflicts can be invisible to the naked eye, for smoke itself can create extensive damage if it makes its way behind the walls.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

As we’ve already discussed, the restoration process will vary from fire to fire and building to building, however,generally speaking, the steps that will be taken to repair your Grand Rapids business will include the following:

Removal of Burned Property

First, after the flames have been extinguished, it is time to remove all damaged items and discard them. Removing these items will lessen the damaging effects of smoke and soot.

Cleaning & Removal of Structural Items

Next, we will begin cleaning and removing structural elements of your building that may be beyond repair. Cleaning structural elements right away can prevent framing, tile, and other items from being permanently damaged and save you money during the restoration process.

Odor Counteractant

Often during the next step, we will apply an odor counteractant and sealant to eliminate smoke odor. Especially, during the summer months when structural elements are warm, if your building is not sealed properly, the smoke odor can linger for decades.


After all the fire damage restoration has been completed, it is time to repair your building so you can get back to business as soon as possible.

Disaster Response & Your Business

Disaster Response is here to help you through the entire restoration process. We can even help you deal with the insurance company and get the money that you need and deserve. We take what we do very seriously and so only use professional quality equipment and employ fire damage restoration specialists who have the experience and knowledge to successfully restore your business. Our customers are truly our focus. If you have recently been a victim of a fire, contact us! We offer 24-hour response and will help you pick up the pieces as soon as possible. Visit our website to learn more and contact one of our fire damage restoration specialists today!

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