As a business in Grand Rapids, we are sure that you have covered your bases, because that’s what you do: you protect your assets because you never know when disaster might strike. A heavy rainstorm could send the branches of that old tree right through a window or the first bitingly cold winter storm could cause your pipes to burst and destruction to ensue within your building, damaging it, your equipment, and records. Even if you have your bases covered with the right business insurance, the insurance company, due to misunderstanding or reluctance, may fail to give you what you need to repair your property, leaving you with high costs that could cause financial hardship for your business.

Your High Net Worth Commercial Property & Insurance

In high net worth commercial properties, it is common to have one-of-a-kind fixture pieces or to have specialized equipment to help set your Grand Rapids business apart from the competition. You’ve invested quite a bit of money into these aspects of your business and are relying on the warranty or business insurance to cover replacement costs. However, when disaster strikes, you are finding that the insurance money that you have received has come up incredibly short of what you need to cover the repair and restoration costs—why?

What is Your True Loss?

In some cases, due to unfamiliarity or other motives, insurance companies will give you less than you deserve for restoration and repair costs. For this reason, claims adjusters are part of our disaster response teams: we are familiar with those things that make your business in Grand Rapids a high net worth commercial property, and we truly care about you. We understand that no matter how big your business is, when disaster strikes, the costs that you are left with in the aftermath can be mortally wounding.

How We Help

Disaster Response claims adjusters can not only help you get what you need from the insurance company by assessing the true damage and costs needed to repair your business, but by also fighting for you. We are incredibly familiar with the forms, lists, and other “hoops” that you often have to jump through to get the insurance to pay out what you need to truly fix the damages. We don’t just show up, fix the damage, and leave; we stay with you through the entire process. We are experienced professionals who can help you get you back on your feet, meeting the goals of your bottom line.

Comprehensive Services

We don’t just offer claims adjustment services and a Watch Dog Program that is here to deal with the insurance company. We offer:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold testing and removal
  • Document and media recovery
  • Soot removal
  • Equipment restoration
  • Corrosion control
  • Contents restoration
  • Electronics restoration
  • Environmental services
  • Emergency response
  • Consulting services

To learn more about our services that we offer to the Grand Rapids area and Disaster Response, visit our website! Whether you need water damage restoration, soot removal, or have no idea where to begin to pick up the pieces of your business after an accident or disaster, we are here for you!

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