Though mold begins as a small spore, it can become an incredibly destructive force and create serious health concerns for those living in close proximity. Whether you live in a house in Grand Rapids prone to humidity or not, your home can still fall victim to mold and the havoc it can wreak.

How Does it Occur?

Mold can occur due to a variety of reasons: a broken pipe, a leak, storm damage, an overly humid bathroom, the aftermath of a fire, a flood and other unavoidable events. Regardless of the cause, all mold needs to grow and thrive is a damp environment, a dark space, and organic material to eat such as drywall, paper, and wood. Mold can live in a variety of climates, but the temperatures of a typical Grand Rapids home makes a comfortable living space for these microorganisms.

What Does it Cause?

Unfortunately, if mold is not completely eradicated, it will continue to grow within your walls and under your floorboards and will eat away at the structures of your home, filling the air with toxins. Though mold can seem harmless, it can actually weaken the structure of your home, causing your home to no longer have the structural integrity that it once had. Also, multiple studies have shown that constant exposure to some molds can lead to allergies and respiratory issues and even serious conditions that can result in death. Mold isn’t a microorganism to mess with!

How Can We Help?

If you are dealing with mold in your Grand Rapids home, you can rest assured that there is someone that can help you. Disaster Response provides mold testing and mold removal for homes in the West Michigan area. Our techs have the experience and knowledge to get the job done well so that you won’t have to worry about mold coming back and you can start restoring your home immediately. We equip our techs with the proper tools to safely and effectively eradicate all the kinds of mold that can sabotage your home and the health of your family.

Disaster Response & Your Home

If you have recently fallen victim to mold, contact Disaster Response right away. We offer 24-hour response so that you can get you home put back together as quickly as possible. The services we offer include:

Mold Testing

To begin with, we will examine your property not only for the source of the mold, but also to determine what kind of mold we are dealing with, and what our next plan of action is.

Mold Removal/Mold Remediation

Next, we will begin the process of ridding your home of the mold itself, removing mold affected materials and disposing of them, and dehumidifying the affected area.

Assistance with Insurance Claims and Filing

Dealing with the insurance company can feel overwhelming and confusing in addition to dealing with mold. That is why we offer assistance for filing insurance claims and helping you get what you deserve.

Contact Us Today!

There isn’t a mold that we have met that we haven’t been able to remove. Contact us to speak to a professional mold removal specialist and set a consultation appointment for your Grand Rapids home! Want to learn more about mold testing, mold removal, and remediation? Read more on our website!

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