Funny enough (funny as in weird, not funny as in haha), the stress of a disaster is often more extreme after dealing with the insurance company than it was dealing with feet of nasty water thanks to a flood, or disgusting amounts of soot and ashes after a fire. It’s rarely straightforward, hardly ever simple and frequently confusing. Fortunately, with Disaster Response, you’ve got a professional on your side.

Helping our valued clients overcome more than the muddy waters of a flood, professional claims adjusters help you navigate the muddy waters of filing an insurance claim in the West Michigan-area. Because there exists a real possibility that your insurance carrier will not pay as much as you would expect, it is imperative to your financial recovery that you first do your homework and know what to expect when filing a claim.

Wait, they won’t pay me?

We’re not saying that. But there is plenty of information out there that proves that insurance companies often pay out less in claims than home and business owners expect. Consumer advocate giant, Consumer Reports, has compiled a number of surveys and research results that indicate that the higher the claim, the more instances of discrepancy. On average, it seems that insurers paid about $7,000 less than the claimed loss.

What can I do?

Good question. Though we like to beat up on the big, bad insurance companies, the fact is, many claims are “underpaid” because of the policy holder’s failure to completely understand their policy or its terms. Whether your policy is outdated and doesn’t properly cover any upgrades to your home or the claims adjuster missed some key line items that could increase your claim, the fact is that a thorough assessment of your coverage is needed.

It’s all so confusing, where do I turn for help?

As your friendly, neighborhood disaster preparation and recovery specialists, we not only want to help you clean up after a fire or flood, we want to help you with receiving full compensation, allowing you to quickly overcome any losses you experienced. Rather than simply performing our tasks and collecting our fees, we create detailed reports of all assets and their true value. Our disaster response process is designed to help you provide proof to the insurance company of the actual loss you sustained rather than some arbitrary estimate of perceived value.

We can help you understand the difference between actual and estimated losses, and how to close the gap between what your valuables and assets are worth and what the insurance company wants to pay.

Why Not Consider the Services of a Public Adjuster?

The Disaster Response team is proud to work with Globe Midwest Adjusters International in order to ensure that you get the best possible settlement. Insurance company settlement offers can be much less than the damages are actually worth. Let us connect you to our trusted adviser!

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Included with any of our disaster prevention or recovery services, our claim consultation and line-item reports are meant to help you experience the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your needs are completely covered. Find out more by contacting our Western Michigan disaster response location today. We’d be happy to outline it all for you.